is proud to announce that we have become a 'Surly Bikes Intergalactic Destination Shop'. That's right people of Bath, Surly Bikes have landed at Bath Outdoors en masse! We have Surly Midnight Special, Stragglers, Ghost Grappler, Karate
Bath Outdoors Watersports shop in Bath stocks a wide range of Red Paddle Co SUPs Paddleboards and Red Original Accesories. We are also a Red Paddle Co authorised dealer for the Bath area.

2022 Surly Bikes are here...

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Red Paddle Co 2022 - In Stock

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Stunt Puppy is here....

We have a personal link with the team from Stunt Puppy, Mark & Angela Hook are old friends who inspired us with their passion for their dogs in the outdoors. Their outdoor dog gear was born in the mountains & lakes of New Zealand were failure is not an option.

Fit for purpose, comfort & hard use their products stand the test of time. We have Dry Collars & Stunt Runners in stock with Float Doggy PFDs arriving soon!

Customer Reviews

Great company to deal with - quick responses, good prices and nice people - we bought 2 SUP's and were very happy with our purchases. Thank you - Google Review, May 2021

Katherine O'Brien

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Bath Outdoors is an authorised Ibis Cycle UK dealer with a wide range of mountain bike, gravel bike, cycling & outdoor equipment. Ibis Cycles RIPMO - Ibis Cycles RIPMO AF - Ibis Cycles RIPLEY -Ibis Cycles RIPLEY AF
Salsa Cycles Timberjack - salsa cuthroat apex 1 - Salsa Cycles Beargrease - Salsa Cycles Mukluk
Surly Bikes - A bike company we have loved since we got into riding mountain bikes. We stock Karate Monkey and Surly Wednesday Fat Bikes in the shop. We also stock frames for custom builds. Head down to Bath's authorised Surly dealer for your new bike!
Marin Bikes Nicasio +
Bombtrack Cycles Beyond+ won’t take no for an answer. 2.8’’ tubeless ready tyres, as well as 27.5’’ diameter wheels, which will cruise over anything – a joy to ride unloaded but just as capable with a full rack of bike packing bags!
Hope Bike Components - The bicycle component manufacturer that transcends all styles of riding from cruising, bikepacking & cross country to white knuckle enduro.
Bath Outdoors is a Red Paddle Co authorised dealer in Bath providing a range of paddle boards, SUP accessories & other watersports equipment.
Sandbanks Style Paddleboard - Ultimate SUP package
Kelly Kettle - The Kelly Kettle boils water outdoors in just 3 - 5 minutes using just a handful of fuel such as Sticks, Pine Cones, Bark, dry Grass, etc., irrespective of weather conditions!
Wizard Works is on a mission to bring the party to bike packing. Wizard Works aims to address the lack of jolly technical gear by making high quality bikepacking bags with an emphasis on cute shapes and fun colours.