About Us

Bath Outdoors was established by Darroch Davidson, a former soldier, hostile security advisor, outdoor activities instructor and owner of wildswimbikerun.com

Darroch loves any outdoor adventure that requires a simple mix of outdoor equipment that can be used across different activities. His passions are bikepacking (and any other form of cycling), hiking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing (he loves Canadian style canoes), open water swimming, trail running, foraging, birdwatching and any other form of natural history, the history of the land he journeys through and just about anything else that can lead to a night under the stars! 

Why did Darroch set up an online outdoor activities equipment store? The answer is simple.. he found that high street outdoor equipment retailers seem to have become outdoor fashion stores. He couldn't find anywhere that stocked the range of quality outdoor brands and equipment he trusts and loves to use under one roof. So he decided to set up a store and has cherry picked the best outdoor equipment he loves to use on his adventures. Expect to see the range grow as we're able to source the diverse range of kit to make what we think will be a one stop shop for adventure. Sometimes it is important to see and touch the equipment you want to buy, initially we'll be operating a trade counter but hope to bring our store to hight street Bath in the near future for a fully immersive kit and equipment extravaganza!

What are you going to find at Bath Outdoors? A range of quality, robust and enduring crossover kit and equipment you can use to walk, run, cycle, swim and paddle your way to fun, adventure and the creation of great memories. All of the kit that we sell is used by Darroch and the team at Bath Outdoors and our outdoor activities business (wildswimbikerun.com). Much of our range has been proven and tested to work in the most hostile environments by Darroch on operations in Afghanisaton, Iraq and West Africa whilst in the military, supporting clients as a security advisor and for fun on adventures around the world. We don't sell anything we don't love and haven't tried grinding into dust first.

For some of our equipment such as our Sandbanks Style SUPs you'll be able to try before you buy and if you're local to Bath we operate a trade counter from our premises.

We want to make sure you buy the right kit to get you started or keep you going to your next adventure. The team at Bath Outdoors are always on hand to advise by phone, email and in person if you need help.

We've opened our store because we love what we do, we dream of our next adventure, we love the gear we stock because once its yours, it becomes a loyal companion and supporter on your adventures.