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Our SUP repair service draws on years of experience in the paddlesport industry. As a paddle board shop our service/repair team consists of qualified SUP instructors who have been repairing SUPs for major UK brands and local SUP guiding businesses since 2021.

We provide a range of services including repair, service, customisation and SUP deep clean.

SUP / Paddleboard Repair & Warranty Service SUP / Paddle Board Repair & Warranty Service

SUP Service / Repair / Customisation

Please email us at with your enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your enquiry.

Pricing Guide:

  • Puncture Repair - £30 (Patch or Invisible)
  • Fitting Restick (D-rings & handles)
  • Deckpad Restick - Starting from £45
  • Finbox/Fixed Fin Restick - £35
  • Finbox Replacement - £69
  • Seam repair (No Leak) - Starting from £35
  • Seam Leak / Rupture - Starting from £95
  • D-Ring / GoPro Mount Install - £20 (Discounted rate for multiple)
  • Valve Service - £30
  • Valve Gasket Repair - £30
  • SUP Service - £35 (Pressure Test, Board Inspection, Valve Service & Clean)
  • Bungee Replacement £5

On receipt of your board they are pressure tested for leaks (12 hour test). They are physically inspected for any faults not identified or included in the original quote. In the event any additional faults are identified we'll contact you to discuss before we start working on your SUP.

We aim to receive, repair/service and return your board within 2 weeks. We can often reduce this timeframe if you drop off / pick up your SUP from the shop cutting out shipping time with couriers.

We paddle ourselves and want our customers back on the water with the best possible outcome. Keeping your SUP happily under your feet is the best outcome for everybody.

Recent Repair - Deckpad Restick

This deckpad had separated and there was a 10mm glue stain running outside the line of the deckpad. We re-glued the deckpad and removed the glue stains leaving a sharp, defined finish and secure deckpad.

Paddleboard, Isup, paddle board repair service. Warranty inspection. SUP repair now available at

Paddleboard, Isup, paddle board repair service. Warranty inspection. SUP repair now available at