Terske Ultra-Low Profile Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts

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Bath Outdoors says - Got to love first world bike problems and these Ti bolts solve lots of them. I've used them on my Reilly Ti road bike and they look great!

It seems that some designers don't take hardware height into account when designing their water bottle cages.  Having bolt heads protrude into cage makes for more difficult bottle insertion and removal, mars bottles, and can remove the finish from the bolts themselves.  Which is why we designed and machined our own Ultra-Low Profile Bottle Cage Bolts from strong, corrosion-resistant Grade 5 titanium (Ti6Al4V).  

But it turns out that they look pretty great filling unused bosses too!  With heads that sit only 1.75mm above the boss, our Ultra-Low Profile bolts look clean on unused bosses and minimize interference with bags or cables.

Not only are they attractive and functional, our Ultra-Low Profile Bottle Cage Bolts weigh 1.2g each or 5g for a set of four.  That's pretty darn light.

A note of caution: These bolts won't be for everyone.  In order to achieve such a low head while maintaining bolt strength, these bolts use a 2.5mm hex.  That means that care must be taken and the following are required for installation:

  • High-quality 2.5mm hex bit in good condition
  • Copper anti-seize compound or dielectric grease
  • Torque wrench set no higher than 2-3Nm

In addition, it is wise to remove and re-grease the bolts annually to prevent seizing.  Re-grease more often if you sweat heavily, have leaky bottles of electrolyte drink, or ride on salted roads (or near the sea).