The Shine - The Ruby Fresh Inflatable Tow Buoy

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A Personal Tow Buoy for swimming.

With internal dry bag space for carrying things, complete with emergency whistle and attatchment loops.

Available in Super Bright Hi-Vis Orange and Day-Glo Pink. Very shiny...

Twin inflatable bladders for safety redundancy, each with a high capacity inflater / deflater.

Very easy to deflate.

Extremely sturdy. Not too big - the 20litre size is just right. A 'Goldilocks' size.

Adjustable strap included from adult down to child size.

A very nice piece of equipment which will last.

Features: Easily and safely store personal belongs like phones, keys (including electronic keys), wallet, etc.

Built in Whistle on drybag buckle.

Two attachment rings.

Twin carry handles.

Made from Nylon wrapped PVC, non-toxic, extremely durable.

The fabric is soft and comfortable.

Can be used all year around.


Volume: 20L

Size: 46*26CM inflated.

Material: Nylon + Eco Friendly PVC

Weight: 480gms

The swim tow buoy is not designed as a life saving device. It is not a toy. It should only be used by competent swimmers as a visual aid to warn other open water users of your position.

Check the buoy before every swim for punctures and ensure it maintains inflation.