Surly Nate TLR - 26x3.8 - 60tpi - Fatbike Tyre

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VAT included. Shipping calculated at checkout. loves Surly kit & the boss is deeply in love with the Nate Tyre for his Fatbike needs. In his own words 'its just the tyre you need no matter where you are, it just works'. This version is in 60tpi.

Surly says -
We named this tyre for our friend Nate, who is also quite large and aggressive.

This tyre has a shred-your-face-off, run-over-anything, kung fu grip knobby tread pattern. The casing is round and supple. Tall, widely-spaced knobs are siped for added grip and compliance.

The knobs’ wide spacing means they dig deep and still shed the crap you’re riding through. The tread wraps a little around the sides of the tyre, providing good knob contour even on very wide rims, which in turn allows good off-camber traction.