Surly - Fat Bike Tubeless Kit

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VAT included. Shipping calculated at checkout. loves Surly Fat Bikes, Wheels & Tyres. What better way to dial your ride thna this Surly Fat Bike Tubeless kit.

Surly says -
A properly set up tubeless fatbike tyre is like the holy grail of suppleness and, until now, we’ve forced you all to piecemeal together a tubeless kit for your Other Brother Darryl rims (Sorry about that. It won’t happen again, we promise… probably). But now you don’t have to do that anymore because our Tubeless Kit has everything you need to ditch your fat tubes.

It comes with two of our nylon rim strips, a roll of Whisky Parts Co.® tubeless tape, two tubeless valves, and two Problem Solvers ™ Super P-Nuts.

Just add your favorite sealant and let ‘er rip.

Tubeless kit for OBD Rims, 2 x 50mm Rimtapes. 1 x Roll 80mm Tubeless tape 2 x Tubeless Valves