Surly Corner Bar - 25.4mm - Black

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Bath loves Surly kit, especially the innovative Corner Bar! This trick bit of kit enables you to turn your old MTB into a gravel hack without having to spend a fortune on dropbar shifters or even build up a sleek backcountry rambler from scratch.

Surly says -
Used to be if you wanted to throw drop bars on your off-road rig, you had to fork over your allowance for a new drivetrain and brake levers.

We made the Corner Bar so you could conduct all your dirt-drop experiments with your current brake and drivetrain setup.

I mean, why spring for the whole buffet when all you want is a salty snack at the bar? Anyway, we made this one out of Chromoly and it comes in three agreeable widths. We’re also including a set of shims. If you don’t need ‘em, stick ‘em in a drawer for later. You call the shots, Boss.

Material: Chromoly
Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm
Brake Lever Compatibility: Mountain 22.2mm
Drop Bar Equivalent Width: 46cm, 50cm, or 54cm
Drop Bar Flare: 41.4 degrees
Bar Drop: 94mm
Sweep Angle: 65.2 degrees
ColoUr: E.D. coated black