Surly Cassette Sprockets

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VAT included. Shipping calculated at checkout. loves Surly kit, these single speed Surly Cassette Sprockets are our choice of component when converting to a single speed set up.

Surly says -
Shimano compatible Spline fitting.

9 Speed spaced, these cogs can be run 9 speed or less, together with Shimano 9 Speed gear shifter systems.

The large foot print caused by built-in spacing at the base of these machined sprockets gives a larger foothold on the cassette body,
making these a premium selection for Single Speed or multi-speed use with reduced risk of torque transfer damage to the cassette hub body. (Note: This point is especially important with Alloy or Ti Cassette bodies)

CNC machined hardened SCM 415 Cr-Mo Steel.
Shimano HG Spline, 9 Speed spaced.
Ideal for Single Speed use.
Large Anti-Dig footprint on cassette body.
Chrome Plated.
Note: When used in non-9 set-up, additional Cassette spacers wil be required to fill the cassette body.

Teeth profiles are straight forward, making them ideal for Single Speed applications,
however, with no twists or ramps etc, the gear shifting will not be as slick as with regular Shimano sprockets when used in a multiple sprockets line-up.