Sandbanks Style Dog Mat

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The mat is designed to be as comfortable as possible for a dog’s paws while still offering great grip. It attaches to the luggage straps at the front of the board and is secured by clipping onto the D-ring at the nose. The clips are all on adjustable bungees so it can be attached any board, not just boards built by us own. Best of all, the mat is machine washable so it’s easy to keep it clean. Make sure your dog is off the board before detaching the mat.

Here's what your board needs to attach the dog mat:
- Luggage straps (No wider than 50cm)
- A D-ring and the nose or under the nose.
- (If your board dose not have a D-ring at the nose call our team and we can provide you with one)
- For dogs of all sizes
- Dimensions: 90cm x 54 cm