Red Paddle Co - Schrader Valve Adaptor

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VAT included. Shipping calculated at checkout. uses the Red Paddle Co - Schrader Valve Adaptor when inflating from an electric pump or air compressor. This handy adaptor is suitable for the complete Red Paddle Co range of SUP - Paddleboards.

Red Paddle Co says -
Help boards inflate with the Red electric valve adapter, designed to connect compressor pumps to inflatable paddle boards
Connects easily to most electric compressors, simply attach to valve, switch pump on and watch inflate
Compatible with electric 12v car pumps for roughly 10-20 minutes inflation time, attachment fits with most inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
Take the effort out of pumping with our electric pump Schrader valve adaptor.

Schrader Valve connector easily enables you to connect most electric compressors. Just attach the adaptor to the valve on your board, then attach the compressor to the adaptor and turn on. Please ensure that you stay with your board at all times during inflation to ensure that you stay within the recommended psi range of 18-22psi.

Our Schrader Valve Adaptor will work with electric 12v car pumps and as a rough estimate can take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to inflate. We advise using the adaptor with a compressor which can normally be found at your local garage to inflate your car tyres.