Ortlieb Fork-Pack Plus 4.1L - Black

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Weighing just 300 grams (including adapter), the Fork-Pack Plus offers approximately 4.1 litres of additional storage space for bike packing. With the help of the QLS adapter, this ultra-light bag with roll closure can be mounted on forks with eyelets or cage mounts intended for this purpose, as well as on forks without cage mounts, as long as the fork blades sport a constant diameter of 30 mm to 42 mm. QLS bags are primarily designed for attachment to the fork, but can be attached to all vertical tubes using the accessories supplied.

The Fork-Pack (215 grams) can easily and quickly be attached and removed from the adapter plate (85 grams) with just one hand in seconds. The Cordura bag is abrasion-resistant.

Height: 22cm
Width: 16.5cm
Depth: 9cm
Volume: 4.1L
Weight: 300g