Knog Oi Luxe Bell

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VAT included. Shipping calculated at checkout. loves a good trail pinger or "Bicycle Bell" as most people would call them... Knog Oi Luxe Bells are the best out there for letting others know you're coming along the trail, road or towpath. Perfect for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Bikepacking, Gravel Bike, Commuter Bike, Adventure Bike and beyond.

Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel? A bell with a beautiful tone, but also a remarkable style and choice of materials that embodies a rider's personality.

The new Oi Luxe is luxe in every sense of the word. It's CNC machined ringer and brass dinger, stitched 'vegan' leather shim and metal injection moulded stainless steel, make it a pleasure to have on your handlebars.

The Small Oi Luxe fits 22.2mm bars and the Large 23.8 - 31.8mm bars e.g. drop bar road bikes and some cruiser / commuters.


Where bells usually protrude up or out, Oi Luxe doesn't. It appears to hover around the handle bars. In one sense, it's discreet. But in another, it stands out as unrecognisable.

We tested numerous prototypes to get the perfect pitch, length of ring, and volume. With a CNC-machined brass dinger, the strike of the bell is firm and fast, allowing a good balance of volume and longevity of sound.


  • CNC Machined.
  • Distinctive tone.
  • Low profile.
  • Fits handlebar diameters: 23.8 - 31.8mm.
  • Weight: 46.5g.
  • Size: S = 22.2mm diameter & L = 23.8-31.8mm diameter