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The drj0n SkÜnKw0rks Deck is similar to the mega-popular MC Deck.

The SkÜnKw0rks Deck is a plate designed to mount to your bars using the drj0n GFunk bar clamps (with or without a strapdeck).

Fitted with either a Garmin or Wahoo mount, the SkÜnKw0rks Deck allows you to mount your GPS up and away from your bars and integrates with a strapdeck for load carrying. Add the additional extender plate with GoPro mount if you want to add another accessory, a camera or light for example.

Machined from aluminium the deck weighs 50g with the GPS mount. The additional accessory extender adds another 21g with Go-Pro mount.

Note that the SkÜnKw0rks Deck requires a GFunk clamp set to attach to the bars. It does not come with its own mounting clamps.

GPS Extenders available separately - Extension adapters allow you to offset the mount point of your GPS device if you need or want to move it further away from the bars or off to the side a little. The last photo is a reference picture with a short extender fitted to the MC Deck. Click the following link for product page - drj0n bagworks GPS Extension - Short or Long

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