DD Hammocks - DD SuperLight Tarp S

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Seriously compact day shelter perfect for a bit of sneaky bikepacking, low profile bivvy action whilst enjoying some serious overhead cover in a tiny pack size!

The DD SuperLight Tarp S is our lightest rain shelter - its tiny pack size allows it to easily fit into a jacket pocket and it has a number of uses!
Perfect for ground bivi camping, it provides plenty of shelter for one person and gear. It also makes a great day shelter or ground sheet, easily and quickly set up for lunch stops and rest breaks out on the trail.
The DD Hammocks DD SuperLight Tarp is an ideal companion for extreme and adventure sports like cycling, climbing or trail running, the DD Superlight Tarp S will keep you dry on rest stops while keeping your pack weight to an absolute minimum.
Due to its size, we don't recommend this tarp as a hammock shelter. For hammocks, opt for our regular-sized DD Superlight Tarp.
All DD tarps are 100% waterproof, even in the heaviest storms.
DD SuperLight Tarp S