DD Hammocks - Karabiners x 2

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A set of 2 strong and lightweight karabiners that are perfect for suspending your DD Hammock.

Rated to 7KN each, these wire-gate karabiners are incredibly lightweight for the strength being offered. Each karabiner weighs only 22g, and are small in size; no more bulky suspension kits to add to your pack size!

Tired of tying knots? Use the karabiners along with DD Tree Huggers and DD Whoopie Slings (available together as a combo deal) and you can simply clip & unclip your hammock from between the trees in seconds, perfecting your hang angle in the process.

These karabiners will also act as a drip-stop in heavy rain, breaking the flow of any water that might travel down your suspension lines.

Also handy for other campsite uses - for example securing your tarp ridgelines, attaching tarps together, or clipping your favourite accessories to your rucksack!