DD Hammocks - DD Mosquito Net

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bathoutdoor.co.uk uses the DD Hammocks Mosquito Net for bug free bikepacking, SUP & wild camping adventures.

If you have a non-netted hammock such as the Camping or Scout hammock, you may find you'd like the option of insect protection, depending on your location! The Bushmasters Hammock Mosquito Net offers 360 degrees of ultra-fine netting, featuring zippered entry, suspender poles with elastic to raise it, and secure drawcord closure at each end.

This net was developed along with Bushmasters.co.uk, who run military and jungle survival and training courses in the Amazon rainforest. So you can be sure it will keep out all insects – including the Scottish midge!

Size Suitable for all DD Hammocks (up to 2.7m long)
Colour Black
Weight 550g
Includes Hammock Mosquito Net, Elastic Cord, 2 x Spreader Poles, stuff sack
Fine-mesh netting (keeps out all insects) with 2 drawcord openings at each end, through which to feed the hammock webbing
2 x lightweight compact spreader poles, to create 70cm of width
2 x lengths of elastic cord to suspend the net
Zippered entrance