DD Hammocks - DD Camping Stool

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bathoutdoors.co.uk loves DD Hammocks kit & this DD Camping Stool is a light weight camping accessory suitable for bikepacking, wild camping & vanlife.

DD Hammocks says -A lightweight and compact way to unwind!

You've set up camp, got the stove on and settled in for the night. Only one thing is missing - a comfortable place to sit!

But not anymore: With the DD Camping Stool you can say goodbye to knobbly roots or wet grass and stay comfortable and dry, elevated safely off the ground. Incredibly lightweight at only 310g, this stool adds the perfect finishing touch to your camp without weighing you down on the way.

Simply spread out the legs and find a suitable piece of firm, even ground to park yourself whilst the kettle boils. When you're ready to leave, the DD Camping Stool folds away in seconds and is small enough to throw in your rucksack or strap to the outside.

Small pack size for extra comfort

This stool packs down to 35cm in length, and slides effortlessly into its' own protective bag for easy carrying. And what's more, the whole thing only weighs 310g, less than a full water bottle!