Time to get on with outdoor adventures....

Time to get on with outdoor adventures....

WINTER OF DISCONTENT - Time to get on with it!

Well folks... after what has been a pretty long, drawn out winter and early spring we are gearing up for outdoor adventures. Regardless of what the weather has planned over the coming weeks, we are getting on with it as we have cabin fever and need to get outside again. This is a quick update covering some of the changes, new products, events etc that are coming up.

ELECTRIC BIKES - Load carrying, time saving, cash saving fun machines...

We will be continuing to develop our ebike range of electric bikes and accessories with Rad Power Bikes whilst adding a new brand Ridgeback. You will have picked up that we are focused on utility Ebikes capable of commute, load carrying, child carrying whilst also being bikes you can enjoy for fun rides out around Bath's cycle paths and quiet roads. We will be stocking the Ridgeback Errand which we think is the Ebike for Bath residents who need a lighter frame for Basement and flat/apartment living (we tested it by carrying it up and down stairs - easy peasy). The ebikes we will be stocking sit very much in the car replacement category saving you money and time sat in traffic whilst helping to reduce car journeys.

BIKES, BIKES & MORE BIKES - Bikes built for fun & adventure.

Our adventure cycling range continues to grow with new bikes arriving from Salsa Cycles, Surly Bikes and Marin Bikes. We are particularly pleased with the Marin Nicasio + which we think is the best gravel bike available at the moment, this bike is £1k an unbelievably good price for a bike we think falls into the 'bike for life' category. We also have lots of stunning new frames from Surly Bikes for those looking for a dream build. NEWS FLASH - We are now also a Genesis dealer so expect to see the iconic Croix de Fer available at the shop.

TENTS, TARPS OR HAMMOCKS - New tent range from DD Hammocks

Over the past year we have been in a pickle with tents??? Tents got really expensive, even the entry level solid 3 season tents... We have performance lightweight MSR tents ready to take on the worst this country can throw at you, but we just couldn't find anything at a value price with lots of utility until we shifted our focus from DD Hammocks & Tarps (which we love) to DD Hammocks tents... Here we have a range of well priced well manufactured tent solutions perfect for solo to family adventures. The Family Pyriamid and Tipi tent also double up as day shelters for trips to the beach, weekend garden shelters for the kids etc Loads of flexible fun to be had with the only limit being your imagination! These will be landing at the shop next week for the eager beavers.

EVENTS - We have been quiet :(

With the poor weather, preparing for the new season and a burglary our normal events programme has been pretty quiet. Rest assured though as soon we will be publishing shop rides, bikepacking nights and bike maintenance demo dates. As usual we'll have plenty of demo kit on hand for you to try before you buy ;)

OTHER STUFF - Equipment hire, jobs at the shop...

We have some new hire bikes turning up at the shop soon, SUP hire will be coming back online next month and we're recruiting at the shop. Our workshop is also open for anybody looking to service their bike back into commission. Loads of other bits and bobs happening which we'll post about shortly. 


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