Rad Power Bikes - Maintenance Evening - 6:30pm Thursday 19 January

Rad Power Bikes - Maintenance Evening - 6:30pm Thursday 19 January

Hello 2023... looking forward to a brand new year full of the sound of happy Rad Power Ebikes zooming about the place. If you didn't know, in addition to 'Bath Ebike Hire' being a 'Rad Power Bikes' official rental partner... 'Bath Outdoors' has become an official service partner. What does this mean, in a nutshell this means:

Official Service Partners are equipped with:

  • Rad Power Bikes trained and certified mechanics
  • Specific Rad Power Bikes diagnostic equipment and tools so that the work is carried out in an efficient, high-quality manner.
  • In addition, Official Service Partners have most of the Rad bike parts for the maintenance of your Rad e-bike in stock so you can get back to riding Rad quickly and safely!
  • Rad Power Bikes demo ebikes for test rides - RadRunner Plus, RadRhino, RadExpand, RadWagon now available for demo rides at Bath Outdoors. We also offer a discount code for any customers demo riding Rad Power Bikes at Bath Outdoors who wish to buy a new Rad Power Ebike!

Rad Power Bikes - Maintenance Evening - 6:30-8.00pm Thursday 19 January

Our first Rad Power Bike owners shop event will cover basic maintenance, repair, winter riding tips and a Q&A session. We'll discuss and demonstrate a variety of maintenance techniques and helpful hints/tips specific to Rad Power Bikes.

Please note that we have limited parking available at the shop, there is parking available locally so please arrive with plenty off time if coming by car. Ideally we would love to see everybody arriving on their Ebikes :)

Please register for the event through the following free ticket link - Rad Power Bike Owners Maintenance Evening

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@bathoutdoors.co.uk

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