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How does it work?

If you are interested in buying one of our paddleboards (SUPs) but would like to try one first, whilst also learning how to paddleboard. You can book a SUP sessions with our sister company wildswimbikerun.com who provided guided outdoor adventures in Bath. If you decide to buy a board, we'll discount the cost of your session off the board. If you like the sound of this, read on to find out how to book and conditions that apply.

Try a Sandbanks Style Paddle before you buy!

Sessions with wildswimbikerun.com cost £35 per person (additional booking fee applies). If you book a session, decide you loved it so much you buy a board from us, we will then discount the cost of your booking (£35 plus booking fee) off the cost of your Sandbanks Style board package. Please note this offer only applies to:

  • Full priced board packages
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts
  • Is based on a per person booking basis. For example; if 1 person books a session and decides to buy a board, they are entitled to a £35 plus booking fee discount. If 3 people book a session and only 2 people decide to buy a board then only 2 discounted board packages can be redeemed. Multiple discounts cannot be applied to a single board purchase.

So... how do I book?

Send an email to enquiries@wildswimbikerun.com or use the enquiry form on the wildswimbikerun.com website. In your email please request the following:

  • What date you would like to book?
  • How many people you are booking for?
  • What boards you would like to demo?

The team at wildswimbikerun.com will get back to you with availability of sessions and how to book your session. Please note you need to book at least 2 days advance, we recommend book at least  a week in advance due to the popularity of our paddle boarding sessions.

Please note that we have 1 demonstrator board of each model in stock. For example if you are booking with 3 people and want to try the 'Ultimate', we only have 1 x Ultimate demonstrator board.

If you're a bit confused about any of the above, give us a call and we'll try and explain it. This was written before the coffee had kicked in...

 Try out a Sandbanks SUP before you buy!